Grow, Trim & Tame: The Best Beard Grooming Tips

November is here, and with it comes No Shave November. It’s the time of year to let a little facial hair grow, prepare for the harsh winter months ahead, and figure out how you’re going to stay warm. If you’re thinking of keeping your beard just a little bit longer than usual, then you should know how to maintain it so you don’t end up looking like Tom Hardy from The Revenant.

In our list ahead, we’ll take a look at what beard-grooming tips and products will turn a shaggy beard into something more presentable, a grizzly beard into a clean-cut one, and how to keep it all well-trimmed and maintained.

Trimming 101

If you’re looking for the easy way out, you can pay someone to do this for you, but if you’re looking to learn a new skill we recommend trimming your beard yourself. Typically you have two options: a beard trimmer or scissors. If you elect to get a beard trimmer, make sure it’s a good one – preferably one that’s cordless and rechargeable. If you choose scissors instead, we recommend getting a pair of professional barber scissors.

When trimming, make sure to use a wide-toothed comb for your beard and a fine-toothed comb for the moustache. Do not wet your beard or moustache – wet hair is much longer, and when it dries you may find out that you cut off more that you would’ve liked. Last, to maintain an even length on each side, we recommend starting on one side up around the sideburn and working down to the chin, then moving to the other.

Men’s Beard Grooming Tips

Shaving Away The Unwanted

It’s not all just trimming and grooming – sometimes you’ll need to shave your neck or get rid of your beard altogether. There are a lot of products that are nice to have all at once, and we’ve packaged them together in our T&D Stashbox Gift Set. This set comes with everything you need to get the perfect and most satisfying shave – old-fashioned shaving cream, a shave brush made from real badger hair, a green clay and volcanic ash facial scrub, and a jojoba-based moisturizer to finish. Your face and jawline will thank you.

Shaving Kit- Gifts for Dad

Proper Skin Care

Any facial hair can be sub-par if the skin isn’t properly hydrated, cleaned and cared for. We recommend the New Zealand-based Triumph and Disaster Soap. Our kit comes with a Shearer’s Soap, which is a glycerin infused bar mixed with salt and poppy seed. The kit also comes with an A+R Soap made from almond milk and rosehip oil for ultimate hydration and scent.

Triumph and Disaster Soap -Mens Beard Grooming Tips

Finish With The Right Scent

After a good, clean shave or trim of the beard, nothing sets a man apart better than a strong cologne. Introducing the Moonshine Reserve Cologne. Encased in a copper tin, this leather-wrapped flask holds a scent that’s fresh and woodsy with notes of leather, linen, cracked pepper and Appalachian gin. Made in the USA, it completely encompasses the scent and essence of the modern rugged man.’

Moonshine Reserve Cologne- Beard Grooming Tips