Men’s Bags You’ll Actually Want To Carry

There was a time that a guy could carry all his daily concerns in his pants pockets. That was before smartphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops, and a spaghetti tangle of cords and chargers. From an organizational standpoint, a well-designed, well-made men’s bags will make your daily commutes, business travels, and vacation excursions a walk in the park. And like a fine leather jacket or a pair of shoes, a great bag will be something you’ll actually be proud to wear and carry. So, to cover all walks of your life – work, play, and sometimes both – we’ve curated a range of bags, packs, and totes from the best artisanal bag companies in the world.

Mens Totes

The Totes of the Town

Modern travel demands versatility, so we like men’s bags that serve a variety of functions – and that carry a variety of gear. Your dad’s old briefcase with the hard edges and brass corners was made for one purpose: work. (And never more work than could be contained within its hard edges.) Fortunately, the advancement of professional men’s tote bags opened a whole world (and the whole top) to whatever you can drop inside: computer gear, paperwork, gym clothes, farmer’s market finds, wine bottles, travel souvenirs, and weekend getaway needs.

Mens Totes

Nomad Canvas Tote ($288)

For the busy commuter, the weekend sailor, the wandering bartender, or the Dad with the sand toys – this roomy tote is made of super-durable canvas with a wax treatment along the bottom for extra moisture resistance which makes it a perfect men’s bag. It features vegetable-tanned, American cowhide trims, rolled handles, and an adjustable shoulder strap. Inside, there’s a small document pocket (fits an iPad®), accessory sleeve, and a snap-hook key holder. Outside, there’s a snapping document pocket, accessory sleeve, and two end pockets for water bottles, mini umbrellas or rolled-up magazines. A pinnacle piece in men’s business casual styling, we chose to offer black for more dressy or urban environments, and a two-tone navy and tan for more easygoing going.

Seize The Day Bag- Men's Bags

Seize The Day Bag ($268.00)

Here’s a day bag for guys that pack more into their days. It’s like a tote-duffle hybrid with a big, open-mouth top (for easy packing) that zips shut (for an added measure of security). The entire body of the case is made of waxed canvas to resist weather, beach spray, and other damp conditions; and it’s similarly detailed with rolled leather handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. Befitting its name, there’s space and organization inside for laptop and business gear and a change of clothes (if you’re travelling overnight). Alternately, the cool blue color and roomy main compartment make it great for more casual and fun pursuits, like concerts in the park, wandering new cities, or a spontaneous picnic at the beach.

Leather Bag- Mens Bags

Haywood Leather Bag ($848.00)

At the intersection of art, craft, style and luxury stands the Haywood Leather Bag. This excellent case combines the simplicity and comfort of a messenger bag while maintaining the brilliant organization of an office bag. If you believe the best things are handcrafted and don’t mind Italian leather (who doesn’t?), then this best-of-class bag was made to be in the palm of your hand. It’s standup wedge-shaped with a wide zip top, inside organizer pockets, and a padded section for your laptop. The leather handles are padded and rolled, and the removable shoulder strap has a padded slider for extra comfort.

Mens Totes

Double Barrel Bottle Tote ($295.00)

The thoughtful guest always brings two bottles to a party: One for himself and the other for himself and his friends. Our Double Barrel Tote is ideal for holiday gatherings, weekends at the cabin, and concerts in the park because it securely carries two bottles of your favorite wine or spirits with padded sides that’ll help maintain a chill. It’s meticulously handcrafted from Titan milled leather and wax wear cotton for great moisture resistance. And the padded centre divider Velcro®-adjusts for various bottles sizes or detaches altogether to create a roomy single compartment.

Alchemy Bag

Alchemy Carry-On Bag ($320.00)

Awarded “Carry-on of the Year” by the global travel network Carryology, this sleek nylon bag is a marvel of space efficiency, comfort and convertibility. The AquaGuard® zip-around centre opens like a suitcase with a padded upper section for a 15″ laptop. There’s a separate internal compartment for toiletries and laundry, a quick-access organizer pocket, internal load compression straps, and an additional dry pocket. What’s best, the bag hides backpack straps in the base for 3-option carriage: hand, shoulder or back.

Porter Wallet- Men's Bags


Porter Travel Wallet ($195.00)

Keep all your important documents safe in this Entrada Travel Wallet. Sculpted from Titan milled leather in Italy, this wallet is designed with your convenience and luxury in mind. Its slots and space will fit your phone, plane tickets, passport, and a decent-sized wad of cash. Never go anywhere without one.

Travel Bag


Good Measure Travel Kit ($115.00)

Keep your important things all in one place with the Good Measure Travel Kit. Whether you’re going to need tech gadgets or toiletries along for the ride, the wide-zip and waterproof lining are going be able to go anywhere you do.