Why We Wear Cashmere

High-quality sweaters can easily become a man’s go to garment of choice. Every man loves his sweaters – whether wool, cotton, or blended material, but none compare to the gold standard of all sweaters: the cashmere sweater. However, what most don’t realize is why men should wear cashmere. Cashmere goes with a lot more than a dress shirt, a tie, and a nice pair of trousers. Cashmere can be about comfort with a pair of nice jeans, comfortable sneaker shoes, and ultimately good company. If you’re trying to dress up for a meeting in the middle of winter or simply stay warm at an outing with your family, there are plenty of reasons why men should wear cashmere.

What we love about good cashmere is that it goes beyond fashion and good looks. It enhances one’s lifestyle, relaxation, and comes with a number of other perks, too. To get a better idea as to why cashmere sweaters are well worth the higher price tag, we’ve laid out why it’s the top kind of sweater and how we love to wear it below.

It’s Like Wool Without The Woes

Cashmere has some distinct features that set it apart from the pack. First, it’s lighter than sheep’s wool, making it more comfortable overall and helping to prevent that hanging, heavy-drape feeling that old wool sweaters can have. Also, the fabric comes from the Kashmir goat, which produces a finer, smoother, itch-free fiber that wears more comfortably next to the skin than other sheep’s wools.

It’s Long Lasting

It’s no secret that high-quality cashmere sweaters come with a higher price tag. But pricier cashmere pieces last much longer than lesser blends or lower-grade wools that some retailers try to pass off as quality cashmere. To understand why the pure material is so expensive we must first understand where it comes from.

The soft and luxurious wool is derived from the downy fleece of cashmere goats living in extremely cold climates. The fibers are actually the fine undercoat of the fleece that keeps the goat insulated during the coldest months of the year. Unlike most wools that are sheared in one fuzzy piece, cashmere is carefully plucked or combed from the cashmere goat. Each goat produces only a few ounces of this soft hair each year, so it takes a whole herd to produce just a few sweaters. This limited yield, plus a small number of fine quality suppliers, make cashmere sweaters more expensive than other sweaters. However, a good cashmere sweater is well worth the investment because of the luxury, longevity, versatility and comfort it affords.

Rarefield Cashmere Cardigan - How To Wear Cashmere

A cashmere cardigan is wearable during all seasons and flexible enough for work, leisure or business. The stronger, warmer, finer and softer fleece produces something that wool sheared in one piece just can’t compete with. The Rarefied Cashmere Cardigan features fully-fashioned sleeves, a double-layer mock collar and real horn buttons, making it one of many ways to take nature with you everywhere you go.

It’s Hard to Wrinkle

Scrunch it, fold it, toss it and leave it – cashmere won’t wrinkle. The lining of the fibers in the fabrics are layered in a way that keep the sweater or cashmere piece from being able to absorb the shape of the state that it’s in. This is perfect for men who care about how they look and feel, but don’t pay close attention to the meticulous folding of every closet piece they have.

Top End Cashmere Cat & Scarf -How Men Wear Cashmere

Scarves and winter caps can get bound together through the warm months and end up a mess by the time winter rolls around again. However, our Top-End Cashmere Cap & Scarf come from the same material of our entire cashmere collection and hold themselves to the same standards. Always keeping you warm, never wrinkling under pressure.

It’s One of Life’s Finer Things

The most spectacular example of cashmere quality and luxury we’ve ever encountered comes from a small family-owned mill on the northeast coast of Scotland. Since 1929, Harley® of Scotland has been producing some of Europe’s finest sweaters and knitwear – but it’s their melding of time-tested technique and modern innovation that really has us spinning.

Harley is one of the few private garment manufacturers in the world to offer fully-fashioned, seam-free knitwear. Using a revolutionary “seamless” production technique, each sweater is knitted as a single unit. We’re thrilled to offer two fine examples of Harley’s craft with our Archetype Cashmere Crewneck and Turtleneck. From neck to sleeves to hem, there are no seams – just a butter-soft flow of perfect cashmere comfort.