Timeless Men’s Watches that Compliment Any Getup

You can tell a lot about a person from looking at their watch, so it is important to style the right men’s watch. You have hundreds of thousands of options, but not all are necessarily equal in terms of value, quality, and appearance. We’ve taken the guesswork out of your watch hunt by curating our favorite watches from across the globe.


La Crescenta Watch - How To Style Men’s Watches


La Crescenta Watch

The classic streamlined watch face, coupled with a soft, handmade woven band makes the La Crescenta Watch an ideal everyday wear. A stainless steel casing with a precise Japanese movement ensures both lasting durability and affordability.

The screw-down crown is very easily adjusted for changing time zones. The vintage styling of this watch makes it a great accessory to almost any attire, so whether you are planning to go to a family dinner or out to a nice restaurant this is the perfect watch for you.

39 MM Case.


Acqua X Titanium Watch - How To Style Men’s Watches


Acqua X Titanium Watch

The Acqua X Titanium watch features a clean black face with a brilliantly finished solid titanium case achieved by a unique high-speed polishing process. The high-performance Swiss luminous display details are used in Navy seal diving watches.

This watch is as eye-catching as it is streamlined and functional – featuring 100M water resistance, a stylish blue webbed nylon band, as well as a royal blue Tridura band designed for use in water. We recommend wearing this watch the next time you are out on the boat.It’s sure to be the perfect style for your outing.

44 MM Case. 100 MM Water Resistant.


Fly Boy Wristwatch - How To Style Men’s Watches


Flyboy Wristwatch

With cockpit-inspired gauges and a dapper tan leather strap, this is one of the best looking watches around for its price point. The beige accents coupled with the tan band afford the watch a dressy yet unpretentious look and will look great the next time you take a ride on the back roads in your convertible.

It also features a stainless steel case, Japanese movement, sapphire crystal, and see-through case-back that not only makes it great for style, but also will last when you pass it down to the next generation.

42 MM Case. 50M Water resistant.


Testa Piatta Chronograph Watch- Christmas Gift Guide


Testa-Piatta Chronograph

This handsome watch is designed by an Italian motorcycle racer and third generation watchmaker. The black, gold, and red sporty color scheme is a natural for days on the boat, slopes, track, or trail. It features 100 meters of water resistance and is attached to a rubber sports band making it extremely sturdy.

The watch features a Swiss quartz movement and is nested in a black and rose gold casing. We love wearing this one when we’re out playing a round of golf. It’s perfect for those of us who want something long lasting, but won’t look too flashy.

42 MM case. 100 M water resistant.


TT Racer Chronograph - How To Style Men’s Watches


TT Racer Chronograph

This spectacular Italian watch was inspired by the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race. This is reflected in the watch’s carbon fiber face, the dashboard-inspired numerals, and red racing accents. It features a Swiss movement, sapphire crystal, stainless steel casing, and racing seats-inspired leather perforated strap. So next time you are out watching a Formula 1 race or actually enjoying a motorcycle race, strap this one on and feel like you’re part of the action.

44 MM case. 100M Water Resistant.