Top Fall Men’s Jackets that Can Transition into Year Round Pieces

From ranch dusters and blazers to bombers and peacoats, modern American history was shaped wearing a jacket. The right jacket gives a man a sense of readiness, completeness, and authority. In a sartorial sense, it flatters his form. And in a real sense, it keeps him warm. So when the season or occasion requires the purchase of a new jacket or two, it’s important to consider style and purpose, comfort and versatility. These staple men’s jackets meet all the above requirements.

The Blazer

For many guys, a blazer is a semi-formal staple piece, but it can also be worn in more casual settings. Typically, men’s blazers pair best with button-front shirts, khakis, and oxford shoes. If you want to utilize your blazer for something more casual, wear it with boat or athletic shoes, throw on some blue jeans and a untucked t-shirt.

Mens Tan Jacket



In The Fall and Winter…

Pairing a blazer with a lightweight plaid shirt, selvedge jeans and brown oxfords makes a great and easy outfit for warmer autumn nights. And when the days turn chilly, a relaxed-fit blazer will accommodate a sweater underneath, allowing you to keep warm without losing your sharp appearance.

During The Spring and Summer…

Depending on your climate and the occasion, the blazer can be a great finishing touch over a simple white tee and light washed jeans. You can also use your blazer to button up a pair of khaki shorts and white sneakers. Again, a relaxed-fit blazer will help you stay comfortable –especially as temperatures rise.

The Leather Jacket

Marlon Brando, Chuck Yeager, Steve McQueen, Indiana Jones… The leather jacket has become an iconic symbol of American spirit, grit and individuality, and modern updates have made them more versatile than ever before. Whether you zip one up with a collared shirt and single-tone- sweater, or down with a t-shirt, this style of the jacket gives you a little extra edge and rugged character.


In The Fall and Winter…

A black leather moto jacket with a white tee, dark-washed jeans, and boots make a classic look for casual dinner or drinks. If the jacket is clean-styled (without excessive buckles and zippers), you might even make it work at the office – over a solid button-down and light cardigan.


During The Spring and Summer…

Go tan, light brown, and chocolate. Cooler tones in summer are great for impromptu al fresco dinners, or late night strolls in the city. Brown-toned jackets pair easily with khaki and casual shoes.


The Softshell Jacket

Softshell jackets bridge the gap between the lightweight warmth of a fleece and the waterproof protection of a hardshell jacket. Made of tightly woven synthetic fibres with a healthy amount of stretch, softshells were originally designed for active outdoor use – like climbing, skiing and backpacking. They are typically lightweight and not heavily insulated, allowing the wearer to remain active and layer underneath as needed. Softshells generally offer good breathability, water resistance, wear resistance, and shape retention.

Softshell Mens Jacket

In The Fall and Winter…

As stated above, softshell jackets are great go-to pieces for the active outdoors but are fast becoming more versatile in urban environments as silhouettes, colors, trims and details become more refined. When temperatures drop, most softshells will accommodate a warm sweater underneath while providing a good measure of protection from light rain or snow.


During The Spring and Summer…

Softshell jackets are very popular for spring skiing season when the milder days allow for fewer and lighter layers. If you commute to work on foot or by bike, softshell jackets are ideal for your evening trip back home because they move well and keep you warm without overheating. (They can also be used for early morning or evening workouts.)  And given the fickle weather days of spring – sunny one minute, rainy or windy the next – softshells are a safe bet to keep you comfortable.


The Fill Jacket

Fill jackets are great if you need a lightweight layering option or a standalone piece of outerwear for a casual evening event. Named for their “fill” insulation – goose or duck down feathers, sheep or bison wool fleece, or fine polyester fibres – fill jackets are generally made of micro woven polyester or nylon, don’t weigh much, provide a substantial amount of warmth, and take up little room in your suitcase… They make easy, chill-season throw-on jackets for casual get-togethers, and are durable enough for light backpacking, hiking, skiing, and another outdoor adventuring.

Mens Fill Jacket

In The Fall and Winter…

Because of their lofty nature, fill jackets provide great warmth when you need it and light comfort when you don’t. On mild weather days, you can wear one over a simple t-shirt; and when things get chilly, throw a light sweater underneath. Their tightly woven shell fabrics also provide good moisture and wind resistance.

During The Spring and Summer…

Fill jackets make a nice top layer on chilly spring nights or if you find yourself on the breezy, foggy coast. Fill jackets can easily be paired with jeans or even various pairs of shorts. Surfers, divers, boaters and other water sportsmen often wear fill jackets year-round because they’re so lightweight  – warm when you need it, comfortable when you don’t.


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